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Many customers in the Boxborough area have unique access needs for their garage doors. Our standard overhead doors don’t work for them, but that doesn’t mean Galaxy Garage Door Service is unable to help. We also stock dozens of specialty garage doors to help our customers find the best solution for their garage door needs.

Our experts are able to answer any possible question you could have about specialty doors. They are not only highly experienced in this area, but they are qualified to perform installation and repairs as well. This unique blend of experience enables them to create the perfect specialty garage door to complement your residential or commercial property.

Insulated Doors

Insulated garage doors provide more protection than you might realize. They keep your vehicles and other personal assets safe from temperature extremes in addition to improving energy efficiency. This means you can enjoy lowered heating and cooling costs for your entire structure. We especially recommend insulated garage doors for warehouse facilities.

Another benefit of insulated garage doors is that they allow you to spend time comfortably in the garage. This gives you the opportunity to turn it into a workshop, study, or recreation area and put any extra space you have to good use. Galaxy Garage Door Service carries a complete inventory of insulated garage doors from the leading manufacturers. It is no problem for us to make adjustments to any door we sell to ensure that it meets your desired specifications.

Fire Doors

Fire doors are another highly valuable item to consider for your garage space. The garage is where people typically store flammable items such as gasoline for lawnmowers. Something as seemingly insignificant as a minor spark could start the garage and entire house on fire. With a fire door, the original spark remains nothing more than a minor mishap.

Galaxy Garage Door Service Boxborough, MA 978-961-3032Without a fire door present, the property could be engulfed in flames within minutes. This is especially true when materials prone to spontaneous combustion are exposed to sunlight through the windows. Every fire door contains a rating that tells the buyer how much heat it can withstand in the event of a fire. Most of these specialty doors can stop a small fire in its tracks and prevent a potentially large fire from quickly spreading. This gives you and everyone else in your home or business time to escape and call the fire department for help.

Since fire doors came on the market several years ago, numerous municipalities around the country have written new building code requiring their use. These codes state that a fire door needs to be able to actively resist fire for at least 20 minutes, whether it is installed at a private home or a place of business. If you’re concerned about safety, putting in a fire door is a sure bet.

Traffic Doors (High Speed Doors)

If you routinely receive high traffic at your residence or business, consider a high-speed door intended for this purpose. These garage doors open faster than a typical door and at a higher level of frequency. You can select a budget-friendly model that offers the increased door-opening speed you desire or one of our deluxe models. The most impressive feature of the latter is that it offers the same high-speed benefits while decreasing noise output at the same time.