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Galaxy Garage Door Service Boxborough, MA 978-961-3032When a company is as skilled as Boxborough, MA in what it does, even complex tasks can be completed in a timely matter. You can depend on us to install your new detection system or automatic garage door opening system in the same professional manner that we complete all other services. We are always thinking about how to make things better for you. That is why we do such things as add insulation known to improve energy efficiency.

A Special Process

We provide you with an in-depth consultation at the start of your custom garage door project to ensure that everything goes according to plan. The design and installation teams at Galaxy Garage Door Service want to understand what you require in a specialty door and then help you select the options to make that possible. Once you have decided on the type of door with all of its specifics, we get to work on creating it using the highest quality of building materials.

Once the building phase of the project is complete, we arrive at your location to take detailed measurements of all surfaces that impact the placement of your new garage door. After installation, our team members check to make sure that every panel is even and that air is unable to pass through it. We also inspect the new door to determine any issues it may have in the future once it has been subject to normal wear and tear.